Fernando Ruchesi

Information related to Military Matters in the Visigothic Kingdom: Its Circulation and Use (pdf)

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Battles, as well as the information related to military matters, were always an important part of Visigothic history. Such information was transmitted amongst various political circles, thus, there existed different interpretations of the most important events in the history of the Visigoths. For example, the majority of the contemporary and non-contemporary sources of the period describe the Battle of Vouillé and its consequences as a catastrophic event for the kingdom of the Visigoths. The negative portrayal of the episode is magnified by two events that are present in most of the sources: the death of King Alaric II, and the theft of the royal Visigothic treasure.

The aim of this essay is to analyze the manner in which sources composed in Hispania, as well as sources written outside the Regnum describe warfare and military events related to the Visigoths during the sixth and seventh centuries. In addition, I will focus on the character of the audiences and the intentions (political, ideological, and cultural) behind these fragments of military information.



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