Symposium 1, 2016-2017: Law and Theology 

The inaugural VgS online symposium interrogates the issues relating to and the performative roles of ‘Visigothic’ law and theology. The papers will explore the functions, competitions, conflicts and acting-out of legal and theological debates and writings within Visigothic communities, institutions and kingdoms. The Visigoths, who issued constitutions and codes over the course of three centuries, were prolific jurists in their period, and the theologies that emerged from their Iberian kingdom were complex and unique. Law and theology were associated with one another in diverse and intimate ways throughout Visigothic history, from the development of laws and council procedures, to socio-legal salvation histories, to rules of conversion, and so on. At the core of legal and theological rhetoric was the struggle for authority between networks of figures and communities, local and otherwise.

Several general – not prescriptive – questions for this symposium include: To what extent did theology influence law? How did law direct theology? What personal, familial or neighbourly antagonisms, what collections of peoples, what individual goals, and so on, affected the way that law and theology were constructed and performed? How did friendships and/or shared desires impact Visigothic historical representations re: law and theology? Did the categories law and theology represent similar metahistorical aims? 

ISSN 2475-7462

Editors: Dolores Castro & Michael J. Kelly



Panel 1: Theology

Panel 2: Law

Response Papers

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