Visigothic Symposium 2: 2017-2018: Iberian Spaces, Iberian Identities (*En Português aquíEn Español aquí)

Florentina, Claudius, Brunhild, Witteric, Massona, Julian, Eugenius: Iberian, Catholic, Cartagenian, Greek, noble, Goth, mother, Arian, Lusitanian, Hispano-Roman, (Hi-)Spanian, Jew, Toledan, local, and so on. Who were the aforementioned persons and what were their identities, and when? In what ways were their identities performed? In what places did they act them out? Did they matter in real time or were they historical illusions, rhetorical devices used in representations of temporal and physical space? What about non-human ideas, objects and territories? Toledo was in Carpetania to some, in Carthaginensis to others. Baetica included Spania, or did it? Were Spania and Hispania conflicting spatialities? In what ways have historical texts and historiographies blurred, invented and reconstructed the identities of Iberian pasts?

Early medieval Iberian identities were dynamic and transformative as much as they were enmeshed in post-imperial / neo-imperial politics, struggles for land and property, territorial boundaries, the use of names, and the definitions of contested ideologies, including who was, and what it meant to be, religious. The second Visigothic Symposium will address these issues by offering essays across the themes: ‘space’ and ‘identity’. The aim is to approach the core issue of the meanings of self and other in early medieval Iberia (and that too we should be deconstructing) by way, first, of critical analyses across methodological spectrums, from literary critique to the interrogation of material culture to archaeological data, and more. Following that multi-disciplinary engagement we will turn to interdisciplinary readings to develop a fruitful cross-dialogue that can enhance our perceptions, our understandings, of space and identity in ‘Visigothic’ Iberia.

ISSN 2475-7462

Editors: Dolores Castro & Michael J. Kelly



Panel 1: Space


Panel 2: Identity

Response Papers


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